Judged by business leaders and entered jointly by client and designer, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are both rigorous and authoritative. They celebrate the power of design to drive business success and provide compelling proof of why design is a sound commercial investment.

'An amazing story of disruptive design, meaningful brand building with great collaboration of company and agency.' Jenny Fleischer, Beiersdorf AG

'Significant long term savings, reducing waste and creating better service – an impressive story.' Maggie Hodgetts, Waitrose

'A superb example of imaginative design driving sales and lowering costs in a vital seasonal period.' Conrad Bird, Prime Minister's Office & Cabinet Office Communications

'A great showcase for the positive impact that design can have when we use creativity to improve the user experience.' Sean Carney, Royal Philips

See the photos from the 2015 ceremony here.

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Grand Prix

Alloy were tasked by BT to redesign their Home Hub 5 (a VDSL modem and wireless router). The new letterbox size has significantly reduced packaging and distribution costs as well as engineer visits, and has reduced BT's CO2 emissions by 13,147 tonnes per year.  

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Package Design Matters

A perspective-changing event with top-level brand owners, retailers and agency leaders exploring design's strategic business value. 

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Great creative, business changing results. We can help find the right agency to deliver great creative and business results. Visit the DBA Directory.

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About the awards

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally exectued design strategy can achieve.